Thursday, 18 August 2016

Coconut Vegan Double Cream!!

Coconut Vegan Double Cream!!

I discovered this incredible recipe the other day and was so blown away at how simple and delicious this coconut cream is! 

(Makes a whole jug) 
1 can full fat coconut milk 
2 tbsp coconut syrup or golden or maple
1/4 tsp vanilla extract 

Place the can of coconut milk in the fridge until it's super cool. This is key for it to whip up. For speedy cooling place in the freezer for about 15 minutes. Open the can and pour into a bowl. Using either an electric whisk or a manual one whisk up until desired thickness, mix in the syrup and vanilla and serve! 

How easy is that! Serve over stewed fruit, apple crumble, vegan cake, frozen fruit, or even breakfast cereal. In the photo it's poured over my raspberry cashew cheese cake! 

Watch the video here:

Coconut Vegan Double Cream!!

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